My favourite Catholic Priest

We all know that Catholic priests get a bad rap for being, at worst, abusers and, at best, relics.  But the truth is that there are many who are absolute legends.

One stand out priest is the American Father Robert Barron who runs the website and has one of the highest media profiles in America of all his clerical contemporaries.  Robert Barron’s culture and gospel intelligence might even be on par with Tim Keller.

Most of all I enjoy Barron’s commentary on film, which is a mix of surprising and yet convincing analysis on the intersection of culture, history, politics, philosophy and faith.  Sometimes he pushes the influence of catholicism too far.  However, by way of example, have a look at his reflections on Man of Steel.  I saw it last night, and I thought it was ok but not amazing: explosive digital action but weak character development and narrative.  Unfortunately the references to Jesus were so unsubtle it was cringe worthy.

But Barron’s analysis is refreshing.

As an after thought, if you are a non-catholic and you want to understand how thinking catholics justify their beliefs (this is especially for protestants who are baffled by beliefs such as the focus on Mary, purgatory, and the Pope  etc..), go to Barron for a clear explanation.  See also this article from The Age by religion journalist, Barney Swartz.

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