The Ministry Priorities of John Stott (according to Tim Keller)

Here, Tim Keller speaks at the American memorial service for the 20th century statesman of the Church of England, John Stott. Keller encourages us to imitate the faith of Stott, and makes six observations:

1) He was convicted by his Kingdom vision
2) Cautioned by his cultural learning curve
3) Chastened by his leadership controversies
4) Instructed by his great innovations

  • Reinvented expository preaching
  • Invented the modern center city church (parochial evangelism, evangelistic services, faith and work integration, concern for the poor, balance of word and deed, good theology, evangelism)
  • Used institutions and organisations to put evangelical anglicans on the map
  • Forced evangelicals to deal with social justice issues

5) He created modern evangelicalism (separated it from fundamentalism) – he epitomised the middle space – brought the scholarship to where it was acceptable. He was prophetic from the centre.
6) He is now in glory

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