Hi and welcome to my blog.  thepeterblog is a place for me to externalise my latest thoughts about:

  • Entrepreneurial church leadership
  • Church planting
  • Christian discipleship for liberal postmoderns
  • Church music
  • Mission amongst urban-postmoderns
  • Preaching
  • New ‘dangerous’ ideas for the Western church

Peter Carolane

I’m an entrepreneurial church leader, communicator, and musician.   I seek to make the Christian faith relevant for inner-city people by leading teams that pioneer new forms of ministry, mission and worship. I am married with two sons.

Ministry Leadership

Key leadership roles I have had include:

(2000-2001) Staff responsible for youth outreach at St Hilary’s Kew/North Balwyn.

(2002-2008) The founding director of Mustard (a Melbourne based schools ministry).

(2005-2012) The team leader and congregational minister for the youth and young adults at St Hilary’s, Kew/North Balwyn.

(2010-present) Victorian coordinator of Arrow Leadership Australia.

(2011-2013) Planted a new congregation in North Balwyn for St Hilary’s in North Balwyn.

(2013-presented) Planted a new church in Melbourne’s Inner-North (Clifton Hill) called Merri Creek Anglican.


PhD Thesis (2009): Instinct for Mission: John Bulmer, Missionary to the Aborigines of Victoria, 1855-1913.

Parallel Fantasies: Tourism and Aboriginal Mission at Lake Tyers in the Late Nineteenth Century

Reading Colonial Mission Photographs: Viewing John Bulmer’s Photographs of Nineteenth Century Mission Life at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Mission Station through an Evangelical Lens


The Anti-Fall Movement.

Peter on Video


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