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This blog discusses themes such as: entrepreneurial church leadership, church planting, mission and discipleship in urban settings, church music, preaching and Anglicanism.

Peter Carolane

I’m an entrepreneurial church leader, communicator, and musician. I seek to make the Christian faith relevant for inner-city people by leading teams that pioneer new forms of ministry, mission and worship. I am married with two sons.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Church planting and leadership
  • Colonial mission history
  • Song writing, arranging and music production

Ministry Leadership

(2000-2001) Staff responsible for youth outreach at St Hilary’s Kew/North Balwyn.
(2002-2008) The founding director of Mustard Schools ministry.
(2005-2012) The team leader and congregational minister for the youth and young adults at St Hilary’s, Kew/North Balwyn.
(2010-) Victorian State Coordinator of Arrow Leadership Australia.
(2011-2013) Planted a new congregation at St Silas North Balwyn.
(2013-) Planted a new church in Melbourne’s Inner-North (Clifton Hill) called Merri Creek Anglican.
(2021-) Chairperson of Soul Tread magazine

Academic writing, and Print Publications

PhD Thesis (2009), Instinct for Mission: John Bulmer, Missionary to the Aborigines of Victoria, 1855-1913.
Parallel Fantasies: Tourism and Aboriginal Mission at Lake Tyers in the Late Nineteenth Century (2008)
Reading Colonial Mission Photographs: Viewing John Bulmer’s Photographs of Nineteenth Century Mission Life at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Mission Station through an Evangelical Lens (2006)
Book review of Robert Kenny ‘The Lamb Enters the Dreaming,’ in The Journal of Australian Studies (2012)
Case Magazine, John Bulmer: Missionary & Advocate (1862-1913)
Youth Ministry Chapter, Excellence in Leadership: Essays in Honour of Peter and Merrill Corney (Acorn, 2017)

Online Articles

Essentials, Interview – Peter Carolane – Church Planting (2014)
Consult Clarity, Seven questions with Peter Carolane (2020)
Arrow Leadership Blog, The Power of Diversity: Why you should hire people not like you (2020)
Canberra Times, Christians Adapt to Easter in a Pandemic (2020)


Jenny Flack, Mugwumps (1982) Vocals
Lavida, I sit on my roof (1996) Keyboards, Viola
Lavida, Live at the Central Club (1998) Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
Seventhirty, Home (2001) Producer, Composer, Keyboards
Marcel Borrack, I Was Only Dreaming (2006) Hammond
Nina Czempinski, Songs in the Key of Strife (2007) Keyboards
Dan Warner, Night Parrots (2008) Keyboards
Malachi Doyle, Shot of Green (2012) Keyboards
The Anti-Fall Movement, Away My Needless Fears (2012) Producer, Record and Mix Engineer, Composer, Vocals, Keyboards
For the People, All who are Weary (2013) Keyboards, Viola
The Anti-Fall Movement, Beyond the Shadows (2016) Producer, Record and Mix Engineer, Composer, Vocals, Keyboards
The Jingles, Take You To Japan (2017) Mix Engineer
Matt Joe Gow, Break, Rattle and Roll (2018) Hammond
The Tealeaves, The Wolf and the Girl Child (2018) Mix Engineer
The Northcote Rebels, Get Outta My Way (2018) Mix Engineer
The Tealeaves live at Northcote Town Hall (2020) Hammond
Emma Wyndham Chalmers, All Creation Sings (2021) Producer, Programmer, Record and Mix Engineer

Upcoming Releases

Mark Campbell and the Ravens, TBC, Strings Arranger
Peter Carolane and Paul Davies, TBC, Producer, Record and Mix Engineer, Composer, Vocals, Keyboards
Kim Beales, Nine Portraits, Mix Engineer
Chi Ps, TBC, Composer, Synthesizers

Peter on Video

One thought on “About

  1. HI Peter,
    I’m an old guy in my 60s, have no idea of how to use facebook or twitter or any of that stuff. I was able to create a wordpress account and hope you will get this message. Today is Easter 2017 and every Easter season i pull out my copy of Leon Morris’s Reflections on the Gospel of John and read the sections on the crucifixion and resurrection. Dr. Morris has been my favorite theologian since i first read his commentary on John. That led to my seeking out Apostolic Preaching of the Cross, Testaments of Love, and so many others. His writing was technical enough to convince you he understood the original languages and context, but at the same time, you could apply his teaching to your life in real, practical ways. I always said his footnotes were as much fun to read as the text itself! Anyway, today I thought i would search the Internet for new audio sermons by Dr. Morris and found your site. I was thrilled to see you are digitizing his Ridley Chapel sermons! Back in the 80s I read somewhere that Ridley College had an archive of cassette tapes and i sent them a paper letter (way before the internet) and they responded that they were not able to make copies at that time, so you can imagine how excited i was when I saw what you’re doing! How is your digitizing project coming along? I found the four sermons you posted on Soundcloud, do you have others posted somewhere?
    If you have the time to answer in email, that would be great, because i may never figure out how to see if you responded to this comment! My address is mval1000@hotmail.com
    In Christ,
    Mike Valentine, Columbus Ohio USA

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