Leon Morris Audio Archive

Leon Morris (15 March 1914 — 24 July 2006) was one of Australia’s most important New Testament scholars. He published over 50 books on theology and the Bible which have sold over 2 million copies.

I grew up in the Anglican Evangelical world in Melbourne where anyone from my parent’s generation who sat under Dr Morris’ tutelage at Ridley College, where he was Principal, would often share anecdotes about the glory days.

I’m not old enough to have studied under him during those years, he finished at Ridley when I was three, but I do remember one Sunday during in my secondary school years when he preached at my church. At the end of his sermon there was a question time and somebody asked, “Dr Morris, how did the books get chosen for the Bible?” To which he answered, “They chose themselves!” I remember my high school self being blown away by his cleverness.

It seems Leon Morris’ gift to be able to inspire people about the Bible had this kind of impact wherever he went: whether it was at Tyndale house at Cambridge, Ridley College in Melbourne or Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

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Ridley College has an extensive collection of cassette recordings of sermons and lectures by their former Principal. I am undertaking the task of digitising them to make them available online.

Here are four examples of chapel talks from 1978.

A post-Christian world? 1 John 2:17
Dr Leon Morris, Ridley College Chapel, Thursday 11 May 1978, 5:00pm

Resurrection – John 11:25–
Dr Leon Morris, Ridley College Chapel, Thursday 8 June 1978, 5:00pm

True Witness to Christ – John 10:41
Dr Leon Morris, Ridley College Chapel, Sunday 27 August 1978, 9:30am

An Exposition of Romans 12:1-12
Dr Leon Morris, Ridley College Chapel, Sunday 3 September 1978, 9:30am